To Survive, Republicans Must Embrace School Vouchers

There is at least one major issue that Republicans can embrace to change their electoral future. School choice, the so-called school voucher system, is the perfect vehicle for Republicans to finally do something that might persuade blacks, Hispanics, and single mothers to abandon the Democratic Party plantation in significant numbers in the 2014 election. If Republicans rally strongly behind the voucher program and campaign strongly for it, even against the formidable opposition of the teachers unions, they can win even more states at the statehouse level and perhaps gain seats in both the House and Senate in 2014. What risk would the GOP face, after all? Will they lose votes in 2014 from among teachers union members? The unions are so solidly in the pocket of Democrats that if elections were decided by only the teachers, every Republican could save themselves a lot of heartache (or heartburn) by retiring and going home. The same reality applies to fears of losing...(Read Full Post)