There's a regulatory cliff too

Via Pat Hynes lobbying and PR shop, an excellent round up of articles on what they are calling the "regulatory cliff" that has almost completely been ignored by the media and even most conservatives. A few examples: Though the fiscal cliff dominates headlines, Team Obama's rapid expansion of regulations cannot be ignored. "The growing cost of regulations has been hidden from the headlines behind the fiscal cliff, but they should not be ignored." [Sam Batkins, "Lame duck regulatory deluge could top $100 billion," American Action Forum, 11/27/2012.] The regulatory burden sounds a lot like our deficit. "The Obama administration has pursued an active regulatory agenda. The overall regulatory burden is now $1.8 trillion annually, according to the Competitive Enterprise Institute, and this year alone new rules have added $215.4 billion in compliance costs." [Rep. Sam Graves, "The regulatory cliff awaits," Reuters,...(Read Full Post)