There Was Silence in Heaven for Half an Hour

For God's sake, is there nothing that will shut up the chatter?  Is there no tragedy so great, so profoundly disturbing we cannot note it with silence born of grief to deep to express? Yet again we hear the mind-numbing blather of those who immediately politicize a tragedy.  Take away the guns!  Keep the guns!  Analyze the killer!  Reform the educational system!  Yet again we see odious reporters shoving microphones into the faces of stunned parents and grandparents while equally opportunistic photographers focus on the distorted faces of uncomprehending victims and bystanders.   Yet again experts rush in to administer instant palliatives to the bereaved, the shocked and the outraged. Meanwhile, among the victims still alive and those who are close to the fallen, an almost feral instinct arises as confused and unrelated fragments of thought race through the brain.  "Leave me alone!  Stop!  Get out of my face. I can't...(Read Full Post)