The Slackers' Manifesto

I refuse to pay the New York Times any money so I husband the free internet articles I get every month.  But I knew if I picked this one my views would be confirmed. After Recession, More Young Adults Are Living on Street By SUSAN SAULNY SEATTLE - Duane Taylor was studying the humanities in community college and living in his own place when he lost his job in a round of layoffs. Then he found, and lost, a second job. And a third. Now, with what he calls "lowered standards" and a tenuous new position at a Jack in the Box restaurant, Mr. Taylor, 24, does not make enough to rent an apartment or share one. He sleeps on a mat in a homeless shelter, except when his sister lets him crash on her couch. Seemingly, every time the paper runs an article regarding how tough young people have it, they choose people who themselves are partly if not wholly responsible for their predicament (of course, the paper never points this perspective out). For example, the first "victim" majored in...(Read Full Post)