The Scrooge in Me

When I was a child, I liked presents, and I notice that children have not changed in this respect.  My eldest grandson, who was born in France, knew all about "cadeaux" from an early age, and the children of Spanish-speaking friends know all about "regalos." But we adult men hate presents.  No doubt that is why, studies show, the majority of shoppers in America's stores are women except for the three days before Christmas.  On December 23, I saw three men loitering suspiciously near the gift card display at my local supermarket. In my case, the advent of Christmas always provokes a feeling of panic.  At some point, I know, I will have to give up on work and writing, not to mention the care and feeding of the vast web empire known as, and think about other people.  Bah, humbug! The Lady Marjorie, of course, composes a list of presents and people by early November and has the whole operation complete by Thanksgiving.  But she...(Read Full Post)