The Reality of Homelessness

The ignorant media elites and other liberal elements of society are so enamored of that viral photo of the homeless man, the cop, and the shoes that they are blind to all that is so very, very wrong about the situation. A starting point to what is wrong is the very fact of the man's homelessness, and why it is that he is homeless.  We cannot know this man's circumstances, but fifty years ago, many such individuals, in all likelihood, would have been in an institution and not on the street. However, the liberal "geniuses" and "do-gooders" of the time decided that a mindless program called "deinstitutionalization" would allow "individuals who suffer with mental illness [to] lead more normal lives in the community then [sic] they could confined to an institution." Like so many such liberal notions (emphasis added): Many problems would develop from [it] ... [such as] ... the community outreach support centers that ... were not built ... , [and] individuals ... were not ensured the...(Read Full Post)