The Prerequisite for Servitude

Slavery begins with a posture of mind that, like a fine mist, imperceptibly washes over the land -- permeating and tainting what it touches.  One would be foolish to expect that it arrives in violence and with manacles, for these days, servitude is birthed from the misuse of our freedom.  The choices we make forge the links of what is at first a manageable but eventually a ponderous chain: intoxication over sobriety, indolence over diligence, entitlement over gratitude, novelty over tradition, and indecision over tenacity. By enthroning the pursuit of pleasures and avoiding the pains of rigor and risk, a citizenry paves the way for its dissolution into softened subjects of the regime.  Having grown complacent while fawning sheep-like over the material largesse of centralized power, the natural inclination towards self-preservation and sufficiency is effectively bartered away for unmerited gifts.  Distracted by the philanthropic regime, the vigilance and jealousy...(Read Full Post)