The Monster in the Closet

My father, who is a retired New York City police officer, once told me as I considered following in his footsteps that the hardest part of the job was being able to fight monsters without becoming one.  While I ended up pursing a business career and not a law enforcement one, I know his words apply to all of us. I look at the unions and see the righteousness from the times of the Triangle Factory Fire to obtain workers' rights; however, unions have progressed into thugs willing to beat up others to maintain their status.  They have willingly helped put their nation into debt, collectively bullying the taxpayer and forcing their own children into debt to keep what they have now.  It's no different than the men who locked those young girls in the factory during work hours leaving them no escape once the fire broke out.  Although the unions tried to fight and do what's right, they became the monsters. In our all-sheep-welcome school system, the rise of...(Read Full Post)