The Monster in the Closet

My father, who is a retired New York City police officer, once told me as I considered following in his footsteps that the hardest part of the job was being able to fight monsters without becoming one.  While I ended up pursing a business career and not a law enforcement one, I know his words apply to all of us.

I look at the unions and see the righteousness from the times of the Triangle Factory Fire to obtain workers' rights; however, unions have progressed into thugs willing to beat up others to maintain their status.  They have willingly helped put their nation into debt, collectively bullying the taxpayer and forcing their own children into debt to keep what they have now.  It's no different than the men who locked those young girls in the factory during work hours leaving them no escape once the fire broke out.  Although the unions tried to fight and do what's right, they became the monsters.

In our all-sheep-welcome school system, the rise of psychotropic drugs to treat a non- biological, symptom based-disease called ADHD took hold.  Teachers, possibly desperate to retain control over their classrooms and teach as the culture began to erode looked for solutions to an unruly, disrespectful generation.  The pharma companies were more than ready to oblige. They believed something must be wrong with the children.  Never did they question their own system or the erosion of the nation. 

The fuzzy math, the whole language, the lack of a spiritual being, the takeover of the children by popular culture who screams anything goes or the breakdown of the family unit were never listed on the symptom list for ADHD. Possibly, the school system started out as a force of good.  However, today, we have drugged children, some as young as five years old, who upon graduation will hold a better understanding of anorexia than geometry. We now produce a mediocrity unprecedented in our history. The school system is one of our largest monsters now.

In our government, we have many who go to Washington wanting and willing to change the system.  So many want to bring us back to a time of freedom but once they are there, the temptation to become the monster is too strong. Even if they stand strong, their voices are drowned out by the monster liberal media who gives politicians such as Gov. Cuomo of New York an unchallenged platform.   He feels that gun control and confiscation will stop the generation who has been on legal drugs since they've been five-years old, fed with GMO foods, shooting things up on Xbox and being told they should be hot at 12, taking their ADHD meds with no God or rules in their lives will keep us safer.

Our founders understood the monster in the closet.  They tried to pen a document in which people could live free and follow their own path.  They understood the abuse of power and the voice of complacency. They even spoke of their own shortcomings. Until we can fight the monster without becoming one, this amazing document created to curtail the power of government over its people will remain unrealized.

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