The lesson from San Bernadino

The California city of San Bernadino has declared bankruptcy and is now being sued by Calpers, the state pension board, over a suspension of payments by the city to the state pension fund. The city doesn't have the money to pay for a decent police force, but that doesn't matter to Calpers. They want the cash. And because diminished police protection has resulted in a crime wave, the city attorney had a warning for residents at a recent city council meeting: The city attorney of San Bernardino is under scrutiny for telling residents to "lock their doors and load their guns" during a city council meeting, CBS Los Angeles reports. The official explained that because the city just outside of Los Angeles is bankrupt and slashing public safety budgets, people will need to start protecting themselves. City Attorney Jim Penman said he doesn't regret what he said. "You should say what you mean and mean what you say," Penman said. (Scroll down to watch Penman's interview with CBS Los...(Read Full Post)