The Hydrogen Utopia

Ever since Sir Thomas More wrote his Utopia, the term has meant a society of such perfection that it can be found only in man's imagination.  In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, when utopian movements were popular, secular utopian communities sprang up based on an ideological conception of man as basically good, cooperative, and altruistic (concerned with the welfare of others), needing only a favorable setting to unlock these virtues.  All of these secular utopian movements failed, either because of inner contradictions and impracticability - or because of conflict with the external society. One of today's utopian contradictions is the paradigm that hydrogen is the answer to our automobile pollution problem.  Some utopian paradigms even proclaim that converting to a hydrogen burning society is the answer to our national energy problem!   Unfortunately, those lobbying for a hydrogen powered world are trapped in the child's imagination of Sir Thomas...(Read Full Post)