The Great Betrayal of 2012

It looks all but certain that another man named John is about to betray conservative American voters. Last summer, John Roberts fell for the statesman trap and failed to strike down Obamacare. Now it appears that John Boehner is about to follow him into infamy by agreeing to raise taxes in return for an empty bowl of promised spending cuts.  I hope Mr. Boehner sees the light, but that now appears remote. He is too intoxicated with dreams of approval from the liberal establishment. There are calls for a third party. That would be a huge gamble, but first all Congressional Republicans must go on the record with their votes. Those who vote in line with their promises should be supported. Those who support the appeasers should be defeated in the next round of primaries. Those who cave should have tea party challengers by early next year. I have always believed in the integrity of Eric Cantor. Let him lead the opposition or stand down. Personal loyalty must take second place to...(Read Full Post)