The Gender Gap

In politics and campaigns there is often talk of the "gender gap."  This is generally a reference to the margin of victory the Democrats have on Election Day with women.  Just last month, exit polls showed that President Barack Obama won the female vote by about ten points, 54 to 44 percent.  The ten-point margin of victory is this election's gender gap. When evaluating the outcome, both the winning and losing sides, along with political pundits and talking heads on television, examine where each party performed well and where each needed to do better in the future.  So far, the analysis has been very simple: many have looked at the final tallies and concluded that the GOP needs to do better among women, and that's as far as it goes.  If you listen to David Axelrod, he'll tell you that the Romney-Ryan team spoke about jobs and the economy, and that didn't work well with women because all they really care about is abortion and birth control.  His team...(Read Full Post)