The French Anti-Semitism

When it comes to the Jews, France has a long, checkered history of treachery.  French anti-Semitism is well-known and deeply embedded in French culture.  It therefore comes as no surprise that France was the first major Western power to recognize Palestinian statehood, according to a statement released by the French Foreign Ministry. No doubt, the continued Arab migration to France and the influence Muslims wield in that country played a role in shaping France's disastrous foreign policy decision.  Yet the French decision is consistent with the nation's past, and it is likely that they would have embarked on the same trajectory with or without indigenous Muslim influence. The sad fact is that French cultural anti-Semitism is among the most insidious and embedded of all of Europe.  Assimilated or not, Jews have always been the preferred target of the French cultural elite, and French history is peppered with such examples. Consider the infamous case of Alfred...(Read Full Post)