The Devil You Don't Know

"Dwell on the past, lose an eye...." Russian Proverb When we consider the specter of Islam ascending, the Left is truly conflicted. Their knee-jerk reaction is to jump on the Anti-Imperialist bandwagon and to give support to what in the 50's and 60's was the Pan-Arabist movement of self-determination and liberation. The fact that Egypt's Nasser or any oriental despot, despite rhetoric to the contrary, was only interested in what he himself had "determined" politically expedient is now a moot point. This is axiomatic: no Marxist worth his weight in historical self-delusion ever gave a damn if its textbook program could be applied humanely to human beings. Likewise, no Arab-dominated government in history ever cared a whit for liberty or the happiness of its populations. What Islamicists do care deeply about, in concert with the Left, is raw unmixed power. Unlike the old wisdom, the Left prefers the Devil they know not. So let us dispense with the haunted bromides of Imperialism, for...(Read Full Post)