Syrian rebels gaining ground in Aleppo

President Assad is now facing what many observers - including the Russians, his closest allies - believe to be the final act in the drama playing out on the ground in Syria. His forces are weakening while the rebels continue to surge forward in both the capital city of Damascus and the second largetst city Aleppo. The writing is on the wall and the only question now is how many more people have to die to keep Assad in power. The rebels have been fighting in Aleppo for 8 months and now appear to be gaining significant ground against Assad's forces. Syrian rebels have seized most of a military academy outside Aleppo after weeks of fighting with regime troops, a network of opposition activists said Saturday, in the latest sign that government forces are losing ground. Rebel brigades have had the sprawling military base in a stranglehold for days. A rebel commander told CNN in early December that at least 250 government soldiers had defected since the infantry academy came under...(Read Full Post)