Syria consolidating chemical weapons stockpiles

Russia is claiming that the Syrian military is concentrating its chemcial weapons in one or two places in order to safeguard them from falling into the hands of terrorists. BBC: Mr Lavrov told journalists on a flight returning to Moscow from an EU-Russia summit in Brussels: "According to the information we have, as well as the data of the US and European special services, the [Syrian] government is doing everything to secure [its chemical stockpiles]. "The Syrian government has concentrated the stockpiles in one or two centres, unlike the past when they were scattered across the country." Mr Lavrov said the biggest threat from Syria's chemical weapons would be if militants managed to capture them. The US fears Syria may be tempted to use the weapons if its situation becomes more desperate. Mike Rogers, the chairman of the US House Committee on Intelligence, told the BBC a regional plan was needed to secure the weapons "immediately". "If not, we're going to have a very...(Read Full Post)