State Department takes partial responsibility for Benghazi attack

By forcing the resignations of three lower level officials, the State Department is seeking to sweep the independent report on the Benghazi attack under the rug. The problem is, there is nary a criticism of top officials who should have paid more attention to the security situation in Libya. The HIll: Republicans on Thursday suggested they're unsatisfied with the report by the Accountability Review Board (ARB), which blamed lower-level officials for security lapses in Benghazi and cleared Clinton. Three officials resigned Wednesday after the report's release.  Republican questions and comments suggested a focus on Clinton.  Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) said he was puzzled by the report, which he said "places a lot of the blame on lower-level officials." He suggested the officials who resigned were sacrificial lambs, and suggested higher-ranking officials in Washington should be held more accountable.  "Page five of the report says [security at Benghazi] was...(Read Full Post)