Starving the Beast

With the failure of Boehner's "Plan B" it's looking more and more like we're going over this so-called "fiscal cliff," although it's nothing of the sort when compared to what lies ahead in our near future. Because we have a spending problem and not a revenue problem, worthless "solutions" that raise taxes without any real spending cuts will only send us over the looming debt cliff at a slightly different point in time, but over it none the less. That said, now may be a good time to get your affairs in order? It's clear that the burden of higher taxes will ultimately fall upon all taxpayers as there simply aren't enough "rich" to satisfy the enormous appetite of Obamanomics. Whatever the outcome of current negotiations, it may be time to try a variation of "starve the beast" as a way to force politicians to deal with this out-of-control government spending problem sooner rather than later. There is a way to do this that would actually help individuals in the process and it could be...(Read Full Post)