Soldier's Christmas Eve

While many soldiers coming back from deployment have shown their talents by writing books about their experiences, one former Marine, Scott Brown, chose to become a songwriter and a performer. The result is a group, the Scooter Brown Band, that sounds a lot like Jackson Browne with songs that have an Eagles tone to them. The band has just released for the holiday season a very powerful and heart-wrenching song, "Soldier's Christmas Eve," the title of which says it all. American Thinker interviewed Brown about his songs and aspirations. Scott taught himself the guitar while in the Marine Corps reconnaissance unit and after retiring in 2003 decided to form a band where he became the lead singer and songwriter. Many of his songs -- although he emphasized, not all of them -- have lyrical context related to his experiences while in the military. "Soldier's Christmas Eve" was written to remind people that the U.S. is still at war and that there are soldiers still dying to protect American...(Read Full Post)