Slouching Toward Eloi

H. G. Wells appears to have been correct.  In his book "The Time Machine", Wells showed us the future as he feared it might be. Are we there yet?  Well, not quite.  Though he had a very distant date on his prediction, even now we can sense elements of his warning.  We are slowly moving in the direction of what he suggested could be our final condition. We are slouching toward Eloi. In "The Time Machine," a time traveler was launched to a future date and was met by a curious civilization - the Eloi.  They had no currency, no monetary system, no written language, and no apparent industry.  They walked about in a semi hypnotic state.  There was no regard for history or books.  The magical sound of a siren placed the Eloi under a submissive spell. They would march in lockstep to their own demise. In this depiction, Wells suggests a metaphor by which the spell cast by the siren's noise is equivalent to a spell binding leader's...(Read Full Post)