Senate Republicans may oppose Hagel nomination

The rumored nomination of former Senator Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense may be in trouble. Senate Republicans are signalling they may oppose his nomination based on his anti-Israel views. Weekly Standard: Asked about Hagel's 2008 statement that the "Jewish lobby intimidates a lot of people here [in Washington, D.C.]," South Carolina Republican Lindsey Graham said Hagel will "have to answer for that comment" if he is nominated.  "And he'll have to answer about why he thought it was a good idea to directly negotiate with Hamas and why he objected to the European Union declaring Hezbollah a terrorist organization," continued Graham, a member of the Armed Services committee. "I think he'll have to answer all those questions."  Asked if he'd oppose Hagel's nomination from the start, Graham said he would not. "I want to listen to what he has to say," Graham said. "I like Chuck. He's been a friend. He has a stellar military record. But these comments disturb a...(Read Full Post)