Sean Penn, sliced and diced

One of the most ridiculous public figures of our age, Sean Penn, should have great utility for conservatives. He exemplifies the incoherence of the Hollywood Left, and doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut. Even better, he thinks that he can write - that his stream of consciousness, when transcribed, makes sense, and is even persuasive. Michael Moynihan, writing in the Daily Beast (not exactly part of the vast right wing conspiracy), examines the thoughts of Chairman Sean, and nudges along the process of making Penn into a laughingstock. Reading Penn's journalism is not unlike consuming a Castro speech: it's unbearably long, always rambling and tedious, and frequently incoherent. Take this latest dispatch from Penn's Huffington Post blog, where he coughs up this furball: "Ostreicher, whose innocence was maligned by an arrest where only vague illusions to money laundering have been shown to be fabricated by corrupt officials within the Bolivian judiciary, whose motivation has...(Read Full Post)