School Shootings and Sacred Authority

The tragic shooting at the grade school in Newton, Conn. will result in calls for gun control, tighter security, guards in schools, new laws that some think might have prevented the shooting, more money for mental health programs, post-traumatic stress counseling, and other things. Yet these are only band-aids which do not address the basic cause of this tragedy. There is one cause and one practical solution. Cause: The decline in Sacred Authority since the 1950s and the attempt to rely on rules, regulations, and laws to control behavior. Everyone agrees that this has occurred, yet there is no agreement on whether it is positive (progress) or negative (decline). Solution: To put more effort into developing, supporting, and maintaining Sacred Authority. Note that this runs counter to what postmodernists (progressives) want. The culture of the United States has dramatically changed in the last fifty years. Many of these changes have been positive, yet we need to recognize...(Read Full Post)