Robert Bork dies at age 84

One oif the most brilliant legal minds of the 20th century is gone. Judge Robert Bork, whose nomination by Ronald Reagan for Supreme Court Justice changed the court and the nomination process, died of heart complications in Virginia today. His name became a verb: To be "borked" means, as Roger Kimball explains, "scruple at nothing in order to discredit and defeat a political figure." The campaign waged against Bork has never been equalled. In vitriol, venom, and outright hate, it was obscene. Kimball: Monsieur Guillotine gave his name to that means of execution; "progressives," those leftists haters of America who have so disfigured our national life since the 1960s, gave us the this new form of character assassination.  The so-called "Lion of the Senate," Ted Kennedy, surely one of the most despicable men ever to hold high public office in the United States (yes, that's saying something), stood on the Senate floor and emitted a serious of calumnious  lies...(Read Full Post)