Rice's Retreat: She'll Be Back

Observing Susan Rice's withdrawal from consideration for Secretary of State has been like watching air seep out of a mortally wounded balloon.  It should've just burst once the Benghazi fiasco popped onto the political stage with Rice flying out and clearing the way for more weighty matters.  Such action would've put the country and the President first while clearly demonstrating Rice's ability to keep priorities aptly ranked.  But she didn't.  She lingered.  She bet she could ride out the Benghazi criticism despite the distraction it would cause.  She seemed to believe if she hung in there long enough she would prevail and get The Prize: the Office of Secretary of State.  After all, Obama owed her.  When asked to regurgitate the Administration's line about a video provoking the attack on the Benghazi consulate and doubling down on Sunday morning talk shows, she did it.  Just like a Detroit city council member thought Obama would bail them...(Read Full Post)