Quick now, what do you get when you cross a potty-mouthed, semi-talented, little weasel with an Asian lounge lizard? Ah, correcto, amigo, such a mixto (just trying to maintain my diversity bonafides here, brothers and sisters) yields an opportunistic entertainer from the mysterious East who is rising atop a few, fleeting moments of fame. I speak, of course of PSY, the latest bit of superfluous foam and flotsam on the dying curl of the wave of his fifteen minutes of celebrity which is about to carry him over the normal cultural breakwaters and into the Inner Lagoon of the White House where anything remotely redolent of Hawaiian good times becomes instantly well received. He could only enhance his welcome by showing up in a 1980's vintage van emitting that unique aroma of Choom, Choom, Baby, Choom, Choom. So what's the beef with some second-rate Korean entertainer, sort of a Wayne Newton east, really east, being invited to the White House by our reality TV prez? What? You don't think...(Read Full Post)