Proof the Left Wants All Guns Outlawed

It has been said that to identify a liar, look for contradiction, because it's hard keeping lies straight. It's no revelation that leftists would like to effect gun confiscation (except for themselves and their bodyguards, of course), but they generally maintain plausible deniability so that the world's Dirty Harry Reids can convince the flyover-country bitter clingers that they believe in the Second Amendment. And they certainly do - the way the Devil believes in God. Nonetheless, leftists sometimes tip their hand, and such is the case with a recent New York Post editorial. The paper posits the idea that the "application of modern military design to civilian firearms" has produced weapons so dangerous that the Second Amendment is rendered obsolete. Of course, the editors are referring to what are incorrectly called "assault weapons," such as the AR-15-type rifle Adam Lanza used to do his evil in Newtown. And they take, or at least imply, a position that low-information voters...(Read Full Post)