Printing Weapons

If this bit of information doesn't offer mixed emotions, nothing will. For those who don't understand, this technology really exists. It is getting more and more common. The type of 3D printer I have seen in action produces a solid block of plastic, layer by layer. It works like an ink jet printer. Two "inks" are used. One ink is soluble in a solvent, the other isn't. When you are done printing the block, paper-thin layer by paper-thin layer, embedded in a block of soluble plastic is a complete device in a more substantial plastic. You put the solid block in a solvent and what is left is a complete working "assembly" of parts, which don't have to be assembled. The complexity can be greater than a normally manufactured design, or simpler, depending on your perspective. The point is it comes out ready to use. Printed gun -- credit They can't make the ammo, you can't print explosives, it doesn't work that way, but while most printing is plastics, they do even have 3D...(Read Full Post)