President Obama is Responsible for Our Fiscal Mess

President Obama is responsible for our fiscal mess.  I'm not exaggerating, and I'm not saying that simply because I think that Barack Obama is a terrible president, although I do think that he's an awful president.  I'm saying that because the president has had ample opportunity over the past four years to arrive at a compromise solution to our immediate fiscal problem and then to make headway toward dealing with our longer-term fiscal issues, but he has failed miserably.  If the president had taken some of the advice of his own National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform, we wouldn't be counting the minutes before we fall off the fiscal cliff, but he didn't heed their warning two years ago.  Even worse, he has given us no indication that he ever intends to take our nation's spending problem seriously.  The word "compromise" must not appear in Obama's dictionary.  That fact has been obvious since Day One of his presidency.  His first...(Read Full Post)