Piers Morgan's Full-Auto Fantasyland

CNN's Piers Morgan is known for his invasive, aggressive style of journalism and reliably left-leaning sympathies. In the wake of the recent atrocity at Sandy Hook School, however, the former British tabloid editor has taken to playing fast-and-loose with the facts regarding America's gun laws . . . in a manner that's "not quite cricket."During his 12/21 broadcast at the 20 minute mark, Morgan repeatedly featured YouTube-type video footage illustrating the firing of a fully-automatic AR15 type rifle. What's wrong with that? Well, the problem stems from the fact that both the video's caption and Morgan himself describe the fully-automatic weapon (effectively a machine-gun) as semi-automatic. Compounding his misrepresentation, Morgan noted that rifles with the same capabilities as the weapon portrayed are commonly available to American consumers.As many veterans and firearms enthusiasts are aware, fully-automatic rifles fire continuously when their triggers are depressed and they...(Read Full Post)