Pay no attention to those radical Islamists behind the curtain...

A large part of Obama's middle east strategy rests on the dubious notion we can deal with "moderate" Islamists running countries like Egypt, Tunisia, and Yemen. Of course, when news leaks out that Yemen's Islamists have initiated a reign of terror that makes the French Revolution look like a Paris picnic, and Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammed Morsi places himself above the law by decree, it sort of makes their policy look foolish. That's why the White House is saying there's nothing much to worry about. Daily Caller: The White House released a short note on Tuesday downplaying rising concerns about the growing power of Islamist theocrats in Egypt. The White House note instead played up the relatively minor issue of economic trade, even as a pro-democracy riot broke out at Egypt's presidential palace. Egypt's president is an Islamist who is pushing a controversial draft constitution that would establish Islam as the foundation for the nation's laws, society and...(Read Full Post)