Pakistani terrorists kill 41 in separate attacks

Twenty one of those deaths were the result of a mass execution of men working for a paramilitary unit who were kidnapped last week. Another 20 died in an attack on 3 busses carrying Shia pilgrims from Pakistan to Iran. Daily Star: Pakistani militants, who have escalated attacks in recent weeks, killed at least 41 people in two separate incidents, officials said on Sunday, challenging assertions that military offensives have broken the back of hardline Islamist groups. The United States has long pressured nuclear-armed ally Pakistan to crack down harder on both homegrown militants groups such as the Taliban and others which are based on its soil and attack Western forces in Afghanistan. In the north, 21 men working for a government-backed paramilitary force were executed overnight after they were kidnapped last week, a provincial official said. Twenty Shiite pilgrims died and 24 were wounded, meanwhile, when a car bomb targeted their bus convoy as it headed toward the...(Read Full Post)