Once Again Into the Breach

So, The One has summoned the leaders of Congress again.  To what end?  Mitch McConnell like many others thinks that the Democrats are delaying things unnecessarily---The Washington Times has the video here. In one of the most egregious acts of hubris yet shown by our very own Dear Leader, Mr. Obama demonstrated his utter distain for controlling any spending by publicly signing an executive order - (before meeting with congressional leaders ostensibly to forge an agreement on taxes and spending) - giving pay raises to Joe Bumbler Biden, Members of Congress, and Federal workers as if anyone in that group needs a taxpayer-funded raise. But that's the way he operates! I think there is little chance of success if the leaders will neither look at nor speak to each other when it counts. After the failed meeting today (as evidenced by the scattershot disappearance of congressional leaders), The One came to the cameras and blamed those recently-departed leaders for the fact...(Read Full Post)