Obama Takes it to the American People

President Obama's idea of negotiating a solution to the fiscal cliff crisis is to campaign directly to the American people, encouraging them to pressure Congress to accept his unreasonable demands. He describes the strategy in a letter from the White House: A year ago, during our last fight to protect middle-class families, tens of thousands of working Americans took action. They wrote in to us, and we put their stories on the front page of the White House website. They called, tweeted, and brought in their friends on Facebook -- and sure enough, it worked. Congress listened. The same thing happened earlier this year, when college students across the country stood up and demanded that Congress keep rates low on student loans. Lawmakers got that message loud and clear. When enough people get involved, we have a pretty good track record. And that's important, because this is our biggest challenge yet -- and it's one we can only meet together. I'm going to do my part -- not just by...(Read Full Post)