Obama cuts vacation short while eying last minute deal

President Obama will return to Washington on Wednesday night, cutting his vacation short in order to work on a deal with the GOP to save the economy from going over the fiscal cliff. It's a meaningless gesture. It's not like Obama is incommunicado in Hawaii. If he wanted to talk  to Boehner or any other Republican, the Signals Corps could connect him in seconds. This is just drama for the masses who will now be told what to think when it comes to assigning blame for what looks like an inevitable cliff dive. New York Times: The White House said Tuesday that the president would leave Wednesday night. His family, however, will stay behind in Hawaii. Meanwhile, both chambers of Congress will come back from their holiday hiatus on Thursday and return to work. While there are growing signs that some members of both parties are prepared to accept a deal that raises taxes on people at the highest income levels, there is considerable distance between Republicans and...(Read Full Post)