NY Post: Second Amendment is 'obsolete'

This is the silliest argument I've ever read: Has technology rendered the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution obsolete? That is, has the application of modern military design to civilian firearms produced a class of weapons too dangerous to be in general circulation? We say: Yes. Adam Lanza broke into the Sandy Hook Elementary School last Friday morning armed with a "sporting" version of the US military's principal assault weapon, plus two equally deadly handguns. In the blink of an eye, he killed 26 people - including 20 small children, all of them shot multiple times. How many bullets did Lanza fire? Unclear. Did he have to pull a trigger to discharge each round? Yes. But the fact is that the volume of fire produced by Lanza's semi-automatic arsenal was substantively the same as the fully automatic "gangster guns" effectively outlawed by Congress in 1934 and again in 1968. That ban did no real violence to the 2nd Amendment, so it's hard to see how constraining the...(Read Full Post)