News the media manipulators don't want you to see

In case you haven't noticed, the propaganda masters of the progressive media have a demoralization campaign underway, targeting conservatives in general and the GOP House majority in particular. The goal is to convince us that resistance is futile, that all is lost, and we might as well let Obama have his way. In accord with this campaign, rays of hope, harbingers of a halt to Obama's momentum must be kept below the radar of most voters. If the media regard something as a non-event, then so will the masses (as leftists love to describe the populace). Andrew Malcolm of Investor's Business Daily is not fooled, and describes for us a remarkable event that seems to have escaped the attention of the New York Times and the rest of the media progs who use the Gray Lady as their pilot fish: This story is a week old, actually. Strangely, you haven't seen any real coverage of this development in mainstream media, perhaps because it concerns a crucial legal setback for Barack Obama and Kathleen...(Read Full Post)