New Mexican president to deal with structural problems

Let's wish Pres Calderon a happy retirement.  On balance, he tried but failed to reform Mexico's "sacred cows" such as PEMEX.  He also took on the cartels and the war has been very costly but a lot of "narcos" are dead or in prison.  My guess is that Mexicans will remember him as a strong leader who made tough decisions.  He leaves office without a major scandal and that speaks volumes about his character and integrity. Let's say hello to Pres Pena-Nieto. I think that Pres Pena-Nieto starts with two strong positives: 1) He was the governor of the largest state and got a first hand look at the economic realities of the country; and, 2) He and the new First Lady are very telegenic.  I think that he has the potential to connect with Mexicans and enjoy a lot of support. Pres Pena-Nieto will face some negatives: 1) He is from the PRI and that is bad news for many Mexicans.  I think that many Mexicans are not buying that...(Read Full Post)