Muslim Brotherhood "Machinations", Or Vox Populi?

Vote Compass is an interactive electoral literacy application, originally founded by Clifton van der Linden at the University of Toronto and subsequently applied internationally by political scientists, including within Egypt. Dutch Political Scientist André Krouwel, working with an academic team of Egyptian political scientists at Vote Compass Egypt, was interviewed for a story published today (12/8/12) in the Vancouver Sun (hat tip Diana West) about data on Egyptian attitudes toward the draft constitution. Despite Egypt's ongoing political crisis, including violent clashes precipitated by President Morsi's assertion of executive powers to break the 6-month deadlock which had stalled Egypt's constitutional draft and referendum process, Krouwel (ostensibly speaking for his Vote Compass Egypt team) acknowledges, About 70 per cent of the population will vote in favor of the constitution. This overwhelming support for the draft constitution was registered despite the fact that as my...(Read Full Post)