Morsi Now Backed by Egypt's US-Equipped Military?

The Washington Post has just published (12/7/12) a report highlighting how Egyptian President Morsi has cemented his relationship with Egypt's US-equipped military -- an ominous, if predictable development, given the steady, incremental re-Islamization of all institutions in Egypt, over decades. Noting one apparent source of Morsi being "emboldened" -- in addition to mass, popular "Sharia thirst" among Egyptian Muslims -- the report comments, ...if Morsi appeared emboldened, it may have had less to do with his support from the Muslim Brotherhood than with his newfound friendship with Egypt's vaunted, wealthy, U.S.-supplied military, which deployed tanks and armored trucks in defense of the presidential palace early Thursday. Such a "pointed display" by the discrete military unit charged with protecting the palace, the Republican Guard, occurred in the wake of violent clashes which left 7 people dead and over 700 wounded. Despite being a relatively minor demonstration of force by...(Read Full Post)