More outrages at the UN's Human Wrongs Council

Ah, the Orwellian, through the mirror world of the United Nations where up is down, black is white and wrong is right. And the US and Israel are always wrong. Celebrating Human Rights Day last week the UN's so called Human Rights (sic) Council, whose membership consists of such gross human rights violators as Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia and Mauritania, elected the representative of Mauritania as vice president. Hillel Neuer, of UN Watch, publicly objected, explaining "It is obscene for the U.N. to use the occasion of Human Rights Day, when we commemorate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to elect the world's worst enabler of slavery to this prestigious post," said Hillel Neuer, UN Watch executive director. "The U.N. is making an arsonist head of the fire department. It defies both morality and common sense." According to a recent report by the Guardian, "up to 800,000 people in a nation of 3.5 million remain chattels," with power and wealth overwhelmingly concentrated...(Read Full Post)