Michelle Obama Accuses the Right of Voter Suppression and Lying

One would think that after November 6th Mrs. Obama would lay off the 'Down with the Struggle' nonsense.  For a couple of weeks, the first lady dropped off the radar, which was a bit odd, but after Thanksgiving she reemerged refreshed and ready to assist her husband with his ongoing post-election tax-the-rich campaign blitz. On December 13th Michelle dialed up blackamericaweb's Tom Joyner Morning Show. The most disturbing thing about the conversation that ensued was hearing the first lady of the United States participate in Joyner's segregated "our people" talk.  In response to Tom expressing how he thought blacks wouldn't show up to vote and his subsequent relief that they did, sounding a bit like Angela Davis Michelle Obama said "It's becoming a habit.  Justice and rights - people like having the right to vote.  Folks in our community, we like being a part of this process." Tom then made the bizarre accusation that "it seemed the more people vote, the more...(Read Full Post)