Let's Have a National Discussion, but Let's be Honest

Gun control legislation, or talk about it, is making its way across the nation.  As expected, opportunists and hypocrites in Congress (and there are lots of them) are scrambling over each other to be first in line to share in the afterglow of the horrific tragedy that took place last Friday in Newtown, Connecticut. Take Senator Chuck Schumer (D, NY), for example.  In an article for today's American Thinker, Tom Thurlow points out that Schumer has a conceal carry permit and armed guards for protection.  Even so, Schumer referred to the Newtown massacre as a "tipping point" where we might actually get something done [on gun control legislation]: He said politicians and the American public might have an appetite for a debate on gun control because mass shootings are becoming "a new normal" and because Friday's incident, where 27 people were killed, "involved children." That's what scares me.  We might get something done, but it will be the wrong...(Read Full Post)