Just Another Day of Mass Murder in Syria

The Strategic Research & Communication Centre is is an academic outfit that studies Syrian politics and society. They are not impartial in the current civil war, favoring the rebels as they do, but neither are they propagandists. Their reporting on the war has been invaluable to those who want more than the headlines from the mainstream media. Every day, we receive an email updating the news from inside Syria. Their reporting is based on many sources, and while we can't vouch for each and every news item, it's safe to say we are getting better information from SRCC than from the Syrian government, or rebel PR firms based in Turkey. Here's a portion of the email we received today: The rebels seized control of the Palestinian Yarmouk refugee camp in the southern part of Damascus after three days of heavy fighting with the Palestinian armed militia from the pro-Assad Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command. The fight ended after reaching an agreement...(Read Full Post)