John Kerry: Another Mistake

Obama keeps picking traitors or misguided, anti-military malcontents to run our government.  John Kerry accused American soldiers of violent acts while not even mentioning the atrocities committed by the North Vietnamese.  He stood up against his own military and government in order to capture the support of the anti-American hippies and to pretend that he was a great moral man who fought against American abominations.  He pointed his finger at innocents in order to rise up in the duplicitous, anti-war Democratic Party. Kerry got three purple hearts for scratches and finagled Bronze and Silver Stars.  Don't get me wrong, at least he had the courage to go.  But it was after that that he became a turncoat.  He led anti-war protests while his compatriots were dying in Vietnam.  He was at flag-burnings with Jane Fonda.  He allowed the North Vietnamese flag to be hung in its place. Kerry threw away the ribbons from his medals, along with two...(Read Full Post)