Isn't it awful that Fox News is so biased?

President Obama met with some of the talking heads at MSNBC yesterday to rates? More likely, how best to follow the White House talking points on tax rates. The meeting included noted tax expert Al Sharpton - whose intimate knowledge of the IRS includes the fact that he owes $1.5 million in back taxes - Rachel Maddow, and MSNBC's resident crazy man Lawrence O"Donnell. No one saw Chris Matthews enter the White House, which is not really surprising considering some of the wayward comments about Obama he's made recently. Daniel Halper: President Barack Obama met with several MSNBC hosts this afternoon at the White House to discuss tax rates, according to Huffington Post reporter Jennifer Bendery. The reporter wondered if an "MSNBC love fest" was going on at the White House. Here's Bendery's reporting, in a series of tweets: Just passed Al Sharpton walking into the WH. - jennifer bendery (@jbendery) December 4, 2012 Also, Al Sharpton is so unbelievably tiny now. I...(Read Full Post)