Islamists vs. secularists in Egypt ahead of vote on constitution

Islamists in support of President Morsi's constitution clashed with opponents in Alexandria the day before the second leg of voting occurs. BBC: Police fired tear gas as thousands of Islamists were met by a smaller group of protesters near a large mosque. The Islamists back President Mohammed Morsi and his draft constitution. Opponents say the document has been rushed and does not protect minorities. Alexandria voted in the first leg of a referendum that has split the nation. The capital, Cairo, has also voted. Seventeen of the 27 provinces will cast ballots on Saturday. 'Redeem Islam' Islamists in favour of the draft had called for a large rally outside the Qaed Ibrahim mosque in the centre of Alexandria. They chanted "God is Great" and "With blood and soul, we redeem Islam". A smaller group of opponents chanted anti-constitution slogans and the two sides threw stones at each other. Police formed lines to keep the groups apart and fired tear gas. Six people were hurt, Agence...(Read Full Post)