Islamists target Zanzibar for takeover

The East African island nation has a reputation of being one of the more relaxed Muslim countries in the world. Its famous beaches and tourist hotels play host to visitors from around the world. That may be ending soon, as this Financial Times report would seem to indicate: Al-Noor charity, set up four years ago with money from private donors in Dubai and Saudi Arabia, is among a clutch of new foreign-funded religious institutions to increase its investment on the island. As well as the radio, it has established a mosque, internet rooms and a nationwide network of madrassas. It plans to build more, and every year pays for students and teachers alike to study in Sudan, Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia. Academics estimate that Saudi Arabia - where Wahhabi Islam is practised - alone spends $1m a year on Islamic institutions in Zanzibar. "Wahhabi madrasas are just starting - they are now many and Saudi funds are spreading their work - they have nice buildings, they are well off...(Read Full Post)