Islamist thugs beat and detain dozens during protests

A disturbing picture is emerging of Islamist thugs, probably hired by the Muslim Brotherhood, detaining and beating dozens of Egyptian protestors, getting them to "confess" to being paid to cause violence in the streets. New York Times: Islamist supporters of President Mohamed Morsi captured, detained and beat dozens of his political opponents last week, holding them for hours with their hands bound on the pavement outside the presidential palace while pressuring them to confess that they had accepted money to use violence in protests against him. "It was torment for us," said Yehia Negm, 42, a former diplomat with a badly bruised face and rope marks on his wrists. He said he was among a group of about 50, including four minors, who were held on the pavement overnight. In front of cameras, "they accused me of being a traitor, or conspiring against the country, of being paid to carry weapons and set fires," he said in an interview. "I thought I would die." The abuses,...(Read Full Post)